Chambray + Stripes + Suede

Chambray, Stripes, and Suede…

No doubt three of my favorite trends for Spring and Summer!

Whether I’m dressing for work or finessing on the weekend, I love the relaxed sophistication each offer when styling out my Spring and Summer wardrobe. 

Since I, like most working moms, am on a budget (one of time and finance), splurging on designer pieces isn’t always (um, ever?), an option. So, what’s a girl to do?! Well, for me, my go-to’s are usually Amazon (hello, Prime shipping!), Target, and Old Navy. 

Since Spring is legit a few weeks away, I thought I would share my fav finds for Chambray, Stripes, and Suede pieces from Target and Old Navy… I figure most ladies know their sizes at these retailers and are familiar with the quality and cuts of their styles. I would share my Amazon picks, but I feel Amazon is hit and miss on sizing sometimes. I will definitely be sharing some of my fav Amazon finds in a later blog, so stay connected for that!

Ok, so here ya go…





There you have it! My fave picks for Chambray, Stripes, and Suede this Spring and Summer from Old Navy and Target…



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