Totes + Towels Spring/Summer 2018

It’s that time of year! …Oh you know, when the weather is warming up and it seems like every weekend is spent at a BBQ Pool Party or planning a picnic trip to the beach with family and friends.

I don’t know about you, but my family is super rough on our summer gear! So, with Memorial Day just right around the corner, I wanted to share my picks for totes and towels for the whole family.

Also… a few other fun and colorful summer must-haves!

Totes for all ages:

Totes in love with these canvas and nylon picks from Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery barn Teen, and Nordstrom!

In the past we’ve just used shopper totes to haul around all our summer gear, but they usually go missing and/or torn up super fast…no fun.

If you have little ones who are in summer camps these are perfect! Not only will these kid sized bags last all summer, but you have the option to add their name or initials so it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

(NOTE: keep scrolling for some super cute tote accessories for the kiddos!)

Tweens and teens can appreciate the larger backpack totes for being able to carry all their stuff and still be able to use their hands for more important things….like SnapChat.

I personally love the Tory Burch nylon bag. It’s huge, colorful, and makes a statement. Toss in a few of those $10 Baggu totes and I am good to go!

BUT, since my little family does most of our summer activities together, I am going to grab a couple customizable canvas totes from PB Kids…and few towels (scroll!).




There is nothing that says summer more than a vibrantly colored beach towel. I especially appreciate that most of these have the option to personalize with a name or initials. You can never have too many and it is such a fun way to express your summer vibe!

Towel Picks from Pottery Barn, PB Kids and PB Teen:



Other summer must-haves!

Seriously cute cactus sprinkler, picnic service in a bag (great for concerts in the park, picnics on the beach, or at your local winery) cooler totes, cute bags for wet swimsuits and sandy flip flops (or throw in  your sunscreen, goggles, swim caps, etc), water and sand repelling picnic blanket, sun shades, beach loungers, the coolest floaties, outdoor games and SUPER FUN inflatable pool…




This summer is going to ROCK!


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