Welcome Baby Camila Marie

Welcome to the World
Camila Marie Vasquez

January 15, 2019 at 8:01 pm
8lbs 7 oz
20.5 inches
Full head of hair (explains the heartburn)
Our hearts are full and exploding with love

Little miss Camila Marie was so comfy in mommy’s belly that my doctor scheduled me for an induction- THANK GOODNESS because I was done. emotionally and physically drained from the last few weeks of the pregnancy.

Knowing when I would deliver her afforded me some much needed brain space- so i cleaned, did all my grocery shopping, packed the hospital bags, stocked my bathroom with all the after birth essentials, and just enjoyed what was left of this pregnancy as much as physically possible (sleeping was hard, and eating was no longer enjoyable since everything gave me heartburn or indigestion.).

Monday January 14th we went in at 8:00pm. It was like checking into a hotel, kinda. We were walked to our birthing suite (fancy) and asked if we needed anything. I was handed my complementary gown and a not-so-cute pair of nonskid socks and told to make myself comfortable (LOL! oook). Shortly after settling in, it was time to get the party started! The IV was inserted and the Pitocin was drippin! Now we wait… and wait we did.


We waited, walked around, changed positions…waited. waited. waited. I had contractions, many contractions. Opted for an Epidural. Had more contractions. Waited. Waited. Waited… Little babe didn’t like the Pitocin or when I was laying in any position comfortable to me. Her heart rate would go up and down. Then after hours of watching and waiting my care team started talking to us about the possibility of a C Section. As if I wasn’t emotional enough, the thought of having a Cesarian birth provided me with a whole new level of anxiety. My nurses and midwife sensed this and offered to change up how we were monitoring the baby in the hopes that they would be able to get a better read on her vitals and the productivity of my contractions. Sure enough after just a few short hours of the changes, I was ready to push.

I started crying my eyes out waiting to push that first push. You see, January 15, 2018, exactly one year ago, I was experiencing a miscarriage and now I was being blessed with this baby. It was bittersweet bringing this baby girl into the world the same day and at the same time that I was so heartbroken only a year ago.

My entire pregnancy with Camila was spent holding my breath. I just wanted to see her, hold her in my arms. So after that final push and she was placed on my chest, I finally exhaled. I exhaled all the fear, all the sadness, all the worry, all the “what-ifs”.


She’s here. She’s mine. She’s healthy.
She’s our living rainbow after the storm.
We immediately fell in complete love and awe of this little life we had just been handed.

Fast forward to today, she is 7 weeks old. I can’t believe how fast time goes by! Look for her monthly updates by following me on Instagram @_priscillavasquez_

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