How I pack Camila’s Diaper Bag (0-3 months)

It has been years since I’ve thought about a diaper bag, or had to pack one for that matter! Now that I am packing one regularly, I wanted to share what I am packing because it can be an overwhelming task to new parents!

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m currently packing in Camila’s diaper bag-

I use the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper bag in Grey Feather Print, but we also have the Skip Hop Duo Backpack that can fit a lot more stuff if needed.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station: holds a couple diapers and small pack of wipes, has a zippered compartment for wet clothes, and folds out to a full sized changing mat.

Toiletries: baby lotion, baby powder, a washcloth and travel baby wash… because sometimes baby gets spitty/smelly/shi**y and needs a quick cleanse.

Change of clothes: I like to keep a pajama onsie and socks in the bag in case baby girl spits up all over herself or has a blow out (yikes!).

Bottle Bag by Skip Hop: This is their double bottle bag. I like it because it holds two full size bottles (I use Avent Natural bottles) or 4 of their 4 oz bottles.

Cosmetic Pouf: Love the Stella and Dot poufs because they’re super cute and fit SO much stuff. I pack mine with mommy stuff like hair-ties, chapstick, tampons/pads, a protein bar…basically whatever I think I will need over the course of the day that I don’t want to carry in my purse.

Umbrella: Because it won’t stop raining in Northern California…..

Blankets + Lovies: I love the muslin cloth swaddles, they’re super soft and come in a million prints, patters, and colors. The ones I have for her now are from Target’s Cloud Island collection. I will usually bring an extra nap blanket for her too. The one in the pic is also from Target’s Cloud Island collection. Her lovies are a unicorn and a Wub-a-nub we have named “Lamby” for obvious reasons.

A few other items that we use that aren’t pictured that can be useful:

Can you tell I love Skip Hop??

So that’s it! I will do another one of these in a few months when she’s moved onto solid foods and is more mobile since there are specific products for those new milestones.

Until then, cheers to you momma!

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