Easter Basket for Tween Boy

Easter is right around the corner and I am so excited because this year we get to create Easter baskets for two little lambs!

My son is 11 and still enjoys all the holiday traditions, but is quickly transitioning from little kid to teen.

In years past, he has enjoyed dying eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, waking up early to hunt for them and explore his Easter basket goodies.

He doesn’t want to hunt for eggs this year, but said he will still dye them with me and that he is looking forward to his Easter basket (of course, LOL).

But what goes in a tween’s Easter basket besides chocolate bunnies and jelly beans? He’s not into bubbles, coloring books or stuffed toys anymore so this is the first year I have had to break out of tradition for his Easter basket and I must say, it has been a little tough!

Just like for Camila’s Easter basket, I hopped onto Pinterest for tween basket inspiration and I can’t wait for him to see what mommy-Easter-bunny put together for him.

His basket got an update this year. He has been using the same bunny pail since his first Easter and after years of use/storage/and an unfortunate run through the dryer, it was time for an update.

I love the Baskets and Pails from Pottery Barn Kids. Besides them being so so dang cute, the quality is amazing and there are lots of options for personalization.

I always fill the pail with a tissue paper base and add crinkle paper shreds to the top- I just can’t with a whole pail of crinkle paper, it get’s EVERYWHERE lol!

I was able to find all of his Easter basket goodies at Target and and on Amazon and linked the items below the gallery for you to shop.

Follow me on Instagram to see the finished product in stories on Easter Sunday, I will also save to IG highlights under “Richie”.

Bunny Pail
Serenity Prayer Necklace
Devotional Book
Chocolate Cross
Chocolate Bunnies
Craft Crinkle Basket Filler

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